What is 'Fluo Diving'?

'Fluo' Diving or Fluorescence Diving is when you use a special UV/blue torch and a yellow/orange filter on either your mask or camera.

The effect is quite spectacular, your usual night dive will be transformed into a whole new dimension!

Many creatures and corals have fluorescent proteins within them, when these proteins are excited by specific wavelengths of light; they fluoresce in various colors ranging from green to yellow to red and even blue!

So join the world of Fluo and see your next night dive in a whole new light!

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What is 'Fluorescence'?

Fluorescence is described as when an object produces light when it is excited by another light source.  With respect to Fluo diving, the fluorescence is usually in a different color to the excitation source, i.e. the source is blue/UV while the fluorescence can be almost any color!

Do I need a filter on my mask/camera?

The yellow/orange filters provided for divers masks and cameras are designed to filter out most of the blue excitation light; which allows the fluorescence of the subject to be seen better.  The effect can still be seen without the filters, but there will often be a blue cast over the subject due to the excitation light.