What Does ‘Lux’ Mean?

“Lux” is the standard unit of measure for illumination (i.e. brightness) of a surface at a given point. 

Lux Vs LumensThis means the Lux value is only a point brightness NOT the overall output, but it is useful as a comparison between different beam patterns.
One Lux is equal to one lumen per square meter.  Therefore, you can see that from the two examples, Lux measurements need to be considered along with other information.

1000 Lumens concentrated into an area of 1-meter square, would equal 1000 Lux


1000 Lumens spread over 10 square meters, equals only 100 Lux

Example Lux values:
•    Full moonlight = ~1 Lux
•    Dark overcast day = 100 Lux
•    Office lighting = 300~500 Lux
•    Direct sunlight = 32000~130000 Lux

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